1973 yılında Türkiye’de doğdu.

İlk, Orta ve Lise öğrenimini memleketi olan Muş’un Varto ilçesinde tamamladı.

Yüksek öğrenimine Cerrahpaşa Tıp Fakültesinde başladı. Sağlık problemlerinden dolayı

öğrenimini yarıda bırakmak zorunda kaldı.

Resim yapmaya 2002 yılında başladı. Resim yaparken her ressam gibi duygu ve düşüncelerini görsel dille anlatmaya çalışmış, genelde tercih ettiği soyut kavramlarla iç dünyasını dış dünyaya taşımayı amaçlamıştır. Resim konusunda herhangi bir eğitim almayan Orhan Tekbaş’ın 200’den fazla eseri bulunmaktadır.


1-İstanbul Bahçeşehir Belediyesi Sergi Salonu – Aralık 2005

2-İstanbul Bakırköy Belediyesi İspirtohane Kültür Merkezi Sergi Salonu – Ocak 2006

3-lebriz.com Atölye Sergisi – Mayıs 2010

He was born in Turkey, in 1973.


He finished his primary and high school education in Varto - Muş ( at the same time his place of birth ).


He started studying at İstanbul university Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine but he had to quit due to his health problems.


He started painting in 2000. While painting, like each artist, he tried to express his feelings through visual sight and generally aimed to transfer his internal structure to the outer world by the abstract concepts that he had chosen.


Orhan TEKBAŞ never studied art and he has more than 200 paintings.


His Exhibitions:


1- Istanbul Bahçeşehir Municipality Exhibition Centre - December 2005

2- Istanbul Bakırköy Municipality İspirtohane Kültür Merkesi Exhibition Centre - January 2006

3- lebriz.com Studio Exhibition – May 2010






The silent and unnamed unhappines that comes from un expressed feelings from his childhood finds a path on white sheet of paper with the help of a pencil, and by the time passes, he finds himself got relaxed and got rid of his worries through drawing.


According to him, his paintings were just simple drawings - maybe, as  his primary teacher said; a few ridiculous shapes. But he was happy then. Everything had changed the day when he showed one of his drawings to a friend of his. World got a meaning for him because that friend admired his drawing and adviced him not to throw away any of those drawings. After 2-3 drawings,he started having his own archive.When he wanted to paint, without thinking about the concept or style, without caring the time and place, he just touched the white sheet and desires, unexpressed feelings, hopes, pain beginned to have shapes.


According to him, the beauty of his paintings is hidden in the times full of feelings that have effects on him and the others. No matter the drawings are simple or complicated.


Painting turned out to be the language of the things that he couldn't even dreamed of, he tried to draw his dreams but he became more and more enthusiastic  when he realized that he couldn't achieve this. His only will is to increase the number of his paintings from 200 to thousands, ten thousands and share them with the entire world.


(Please give importance to art which is an important part of life and make use of its advantages. Hoping to add even a little hope to your precious lives. Orhan TEKBAŞ )

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